Amateur Radio and Electronics

Working Portable

Knowing that living in an apartment would cause problems, antenna wise, so my first rig after getting my license (went right to General Class) would have to be usable in many scenarios: HF, VHF/UHF, Digital Modes, Portable, etc.

So I went with the FT-897D. Working on battery, I'm able to pack everything up into a backpack and work from parks all over town.

Included in my kit is my FT-897D, 2 x 12V 9Ahr Batteries, 40M Wire Dipole that tunes to 80, 40 and 20M, 100 ft of coax ,300 ft of 100 lb line, steaks and a big notebook.

Here is an example of my antenna hanging from two trees at a park down the street from my QTH.